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Hello and thanx 4 stopping by the website! This is where I'll keep you posted on what's happening with me, KSG and whatever else comes to mind.

August 2013

Hello, everyone. I've recently been busy in several areas. I am producing a children's album for an artist, working on my Gospel band's album "Traditions", and just played the Litchfield Jazz Festival. Lots of other things coming up too.

It's time for a website upgrade. Look for it soon!


  Hi all. Looking forward to going to Morocco to play and sing with world renown Jazz great Archie Shepp at the Fez Festival! This will be my first time in Africa, a continent I've long desired to visit. Also, in the band is pianist Amina Claudine Myers and Saxophonist Charlie Neville. It's a great opportunity and photos will be up quickly! Also, gigging around the region with KSG. Band birthdays, Linda and T.C.  Look out for an upgraded website design soon!


March/ April

Hey everyone, keeping it brief this time. We just finished recording the song "Cantate Domino" by Giuseppe Pitoni for the next CD "Traditions". It was a bit challenging getting everyone to get a handle on the Latin but we did it. Looking forward to finishing this record.  The "God Songs" CD is in the Morning Star Bookstore chain in New England. Lastly, I've just been approved by the doctor to resume normal activities. Yeah! 


January/ February

    It's been an interesting time for me recently regarding my body.  I had surgery on both my shoulders because of issues with old injuries over the last year or so. Apparently I'd actually broken one of them years ago and didn't even know it until this year. It may have temporarily slowed me but hasn't stopped me. I've been able to begin moderate exercise (recumbent exercise bike and now quick treadmill walking) and as soon as I'm approved will begin strength training again.  Fortunately, after the first week of recovery I was able to begin playing instruments again. And, unlike when I started, I now can play for more than a few minutes without pain. I'll soon be able to carry gear too!

    My miracle child Karrington is now 2 years old! She is healthy, bright and VERY active! Band birthday this month for bassist/band director Phil Govan.

We've resumed work on promoting "God Songs" and laying tracks for the next disc "Traditions".  

Again, check out my KSG site: www.kevinsharpegroup.com

'Til next time,


December 2011

 What a great time working with the folks from The Extended Family Choir and the Springfield Symphony! I really enjoyed working on this year's Christmas Concert. I had the opportunity to conduct a few numbers and it was quite cool and very well received by the packed audience of over 2000. Pics from the event are under "Performance".

KSG's Final concert of 2011 is the Dec. 8th at the Robyn Newhouse Hall in Springfield. 

Personal notes; Another birthday for me this month as well as my favorite 6 year old, Victoria Kamilah. I also now have two 1 year old babies. Kadence's  3 word vocabulary includes "Ma", "Fa" (father), and "Uh Oh". That's enough to cover her in every situation!

Later, K

October/November 2011

Hey All!  Welcome to my favorite season: Autumn.  While we are still promoting "God Songs" (which should soon be available at all Morning Star Christian Bookstores in New England) , KSG has begun working on our next album: "Traditions".  It will be a collection of traditional Gospel songs done with a KSG flair.

I will be working with the Extended Family Choir on this years Holiday Pops with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. 

Band birthdays coming up: percussionist Troy Norrington, and vocalists Rob Rivera and "Blondie" Brooks.

The latest addition to our family Kadence Alexandra Sharpe will turn one this month!!!


August/September 2011

Hello there! I've been playing quite a bit and so has KSG. We just played at SoulFest, had a great time and met a number of other cool Christian music artists. 

The songs "You Are Great", "The Presence of God" and "Don't Go"  from the album "God Songs" are getting airplay on some New England stations. If there is a station near you that plays Christian music please call them and request one of these songs. Thanks!

Finally, My wife and I celebrate her birthday and our 14th anniversary this August.

I'll see you next time!


June/ July 2011

Hey all, quick news. I now play at Fresh Anointing Church of God in Christ. 

I have an endorsement with DSSP keyboard pedals (www.dssp-pedal.com). Thanks Curtis Ellis!!!!

  I will be part of a panel of artists at the TasteMakers Soul in Hartford held at Vibz Uptown on Main St.  

Our KSG only website is up and running at www.kevinsharpegroup.com. We will have new KSG t-shirts available for sale on the site, please visit. "God Songs" is now available on CD Baby and at ITunes. 

Finally, We still have 4 day SoulFest passes available for $100. They currently sell online for $135. Again, contact me at (413)781-3471 or info@kevinsharpegroup.com.

April/May 2011

Lot's of news!  First: I have been unable to update this page since last fall because of technical issues behind the website. I am now able to do updates and will be doing so regularly.

Next: Robert Rivera of KSG graduated from Berklee College of Music this month as a voice major. Congratulations Rob!!!

We have a new KSG only website check it out at www.kevinsharpegroup.com 

The Kevin Sharpe Group will be at Soulfest again this year on the main stage. We have discounted 4 day passes for sale. Contact me @ info@kevinsharpegroup.com or by phone (413)781-3471 to get them. 

The "God Songs" album is done and we are working on our next CD "Traditions". This will be an album of traditional Gospel, spirituals, and inspirational songs. No release date yet.

KSG April /May birthdays for Abe Sanchez, Linda Nevers, Theresa Eckstine and Greg Sutton.

On a personal note, My daughter Karrington is doing much better! NO more medications, oxygen tanks or nurse visits!. At 15 months she's up to 24lbs and is 2 1/2 ft tall, walking and beginning to talk.

Karrington is now a big sister. She is 9 months and 1 day older than her baby sister Kadence Alexandra Sharpe. She was born in October 2 1/2 months early at about 3lbs. Though she was so early and so small she had none of the problems Karrington did. She stayed in the hospital only a few weeks and came home to us before Christmas. At six months old, she is small (11 lbs)but perfectly healthy both cognitively and physically. God is good!!!

July/August '10

WOW!! It's been pretty intense since my daughter Karrington has been home! She's doing so well. Growing strong. As of today (6 months) she's almost 15lbs! Most of her specialist (heart, lung, kidney) doctors have greatly reduced her number of visits. It's wonderful to have her home with her family.

I had a great time in Atlanta, GA working on Raisin' Cane. It was good to see John Blake, Jasmine Guy and the rest of the team. New visuals and modifications in the script and score have brought the show to a new level. I also recorded and engineered the new Raisin' Cane CD released on JKNM Records. 

KSG will be playing at Soulfest, the largest Christian Music festival in New England, on Saturday the 7th of August. We're looking forward to it. We will have the CD "God Songs" available there for sale. 

Finally, Karrington will have a younger sibling soon. God has a sense of humor. My wife Kolu is 4 months pregnant! After all we went through with Karrington we'll have two children born in the same calendar year... Wow.


March Update: My daughter Karrington is home from the Hospital!!!!

March/ April 2010

My daughter Karrington is improving and we are looking forward to getting her home soon. She is completely healed in the name of Jesus. It has been challenging dealing with time at the hospital the other children and all. I hadn't been working as much or as efficiently nor had I been exercising at all.  I've only, in the last two weeks been back into a good groove. I can feel my body recovering from the about 7 week lapse. 

Also, new photos being posted for your viewing pleasure.

We are victorious!

January/February 2010

On Jan 24th around 3am my wife Kolu and I went to the hospital because of sudden, hard contractions. On Jan. 25 at exactly 6:30 pm my second daughter Karrington Keibeh Sharpe was born.  She was 4lbs, 10oz but a month and a half early.  Because of severe lung issues she was flown from Springfield to Mass General in Boston's Newborn Intensive Care Unit and put on a special machine that removed her blood, oxygenated it, and returned it giving her heart and lungs time to recuperate. We stayed at the hospital in Boston. She has had several procedures. Prior to coming to Boston we applied Luke 8:50, Mark 16:18, Isaiah 53:5, 1 Peter 2:24 to ourselves and our child. This is her PRIMARY MEDICATION. As a result of the Word of God, the prayers of believers, and the care of the medical staff at both hospitals Karrington is greatly improved. She is now back in Springfield's ICU, is off much of the support, and is being weened from the narcotics she's been given.   God is a healer.

Musically, you can check us out on youtube under The Kevin Sharpe Group. Also, I recently got the opportunity to record with Jazz great Archie Shepp. A tremendous experience!

December 09

       As I write this I'm just getting through with the Holiday Pops Concert with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra and Chorale. The Extended Family Choir, which I assembled and direct, was featured along with myself and bassist/composer Avery Sharpe. Avery arranged the music and we both played. This was the first time since college that I've gotten the opportunity to play in the percussion section of a large Classical ensemble.  It was great fun !     

      It turns out that Karrington, the new arrival expected March 5th,  is a girl!  Kevin II and I will be outnumbered.  I LOVE babies!!!!       Finally, It's my Birthday on the 22nd and my daughter Victoria Kamilah's birthday on the 28th.

October/November 09

Hey there. I believe I'm making progress with my body again. Though the scale says it's only a few pounds, my body composition is definitely changing. I'm feeling better about myself too. I usually swim with a big t shirt and I went without one for the first time in years. The first few pictures in the "Personal" section of "Photos" will show what I mean. I have a way to go yet, but I have made significant strides.There are also new photos of the studio there. Now the biggest news. We have a tentative March release date for our newest project!!!  My wife Kolu and are expecting our next child: Karrington Sharpe.  The middle name will be determined when we know the gender.   The adventure begins anew.


August/Sept 2009

I took my first vacation in six years this month and it was great! Being self employed I don't seem to be able to take a break very often let alone vacate. I drove out to Wisconsin with my wife and children and realized that traveling to gigs and traveling on my own tab with my family is VERY different.//// Anyway KSG is focusing on recording, editing and mixing right now and less on gigs. We'll be doing a multiple album release instead of a ridiculously long CD. //// I seem to have hit a weight loss plateau and when I figure out how to get over it I'll post it right away.  I WILL Succeed at my goal.////Check out the "Photos" section in the next few days for a much needed update.    


June/July 2009

Things are heating up this time of year.  I'm over the 30lb  loss point and slowly making lean mass gains. Anyone out there trying the same kind of thing, keep working at it!! ////  Is anyone else besides me tired of hearing the bad news about the economy. The vibe seems to permeate everywhere and infect even the more positive people I know.   I carry my portable DVD player with me so I can watch good news instead of all the other stuff. I am NOT having a recession.  I refuse to take part in it.  Besides, I had one a few years back and it's OVER. This is the best year of my life for myself, my family and my band KSG. ////Speaking of the Kevin Sharpe Group, we had a great time doing the live recording. It was well attended and was a success. Thanks go to all who supported us.  Until next time.....

April/May  2009    

This has been an interesting time for me. I changed my diet and exercise routine, increasing my proteins and overall calories drastically. I went from a year of no exercise at all to working out intensely between seven and nine times a week. I've gone from 233 lbs to 206 lbs from Jan 5th to early April. I've lost at least 27 lbs while gaining 1/2 inch of lean mass on my upper arms alone. I'm not boasting. I had help. First God, Styles, the audio engineer who motivated me by losing about 200 lbs,  Sean at Advanced Nutrition, and my wife Kolu. I want to encourage anyone with a big project like this and let them know that it's doable. But the real reason I put this on the web so anyone can see is that I'd like to loose up to 10-15lbs more. You knowing that I'm trying will help me do it. Thank you.

 KSG's LIVE RECORDING!!!  Saturday May 30th at the Christian Embassy church, Springfield, MA 6pm!!!

February/March 2009

OOOOOOOOOOOOOHH YEEEEAAAAHH  New year, new prez and for many a new outlook.  As I write this it's inauguration time.  Our nations excitement is great and enthusiasm remarkable. Remember, though, God is ultimately in authority.  

  Be blessed.

November 08

Hey folks, I haven't updated in a while. I've  been working on something significant.  I hope to let you in on it soon. KSG happy October birthdays go out to Rob Rivera and Troy Norrington. November B-days are Tiffany Green, Carla Brooks and Tish Sharpe.

C ya

July / August 08

KSG has new members! Carla Brooks, Tiffany Green, and Kevin Green (another dark skinned, bald, bari / tenor named Kevin) have hooked up with the band. We started recording again and things are sounding great.  Our alto, Wanda Rivera's birthday is August 30th. Drummer Eliezer Martinez and his wife Gigi's  1 year anniversary is August 5th. My Liberian Queen, Kolu's birthday and our anniversary will be on August 16th. I will also be playing at the Lincoln Center in New York on the 23rd of August with 60's soul diva Betty Harris.  August is a special month for me !!!     As always you can check out my myspace pages:  www.myspace.com/kevinsharpe   and  www.myspace.com/kevinsharpegroup

May/ June 2008

Hey, April 26th was Kevin II's birthday! My unfinished portrait of a man just turned 7 years old.  We'd like to thank the people who recently came out to see KSG in Milford, CT and Warwick, RI and in our hometown of Springfield, MA. We had a good time you were great audiences. You made us feel very welcome.  Keep buying our music!   We'd like you to keep our keyboardist (and my sister) Benita Sharpe in prayer as she recently had major surgery and will be out of commission for a while.  Take a look at the Itinerary page and come out and see me.

 C U on the road

Feb/March 2008

Hello all, Raisin' Cane is back!!! John Blake, Avery Sharpe, Jasmine Guy and I are out and about in Detroit,MI., Jacksonville, FLA., Dayton, Ohio and elsewhere.  We've had successful shows so far and look forward to more. Check out www.raisincaneontour.com.

Later, K

December 21, '07

The anniversary of my parturition is 2morrow!!!   My daughter Victoria's birthday is the 28th. She'll be 3 years old.       Holla Looya!!!

November/ December 2007,

People, I've been rethinking the "God Songs" project. I'm writing more songs and dropping others. Reworking the direction.  It will take longer to get out but I think it will be worth the wait.  Happy Holidays.

Later.  K.


We've had some problems with the site. As you see, it's back up however the Photos section  still needs some work and most of the Itinerary  is still gone.  Keep checking back.

September 2007,

         Hey, Check out the photos section for some new pics.

August 2007,

         Hey people, Just checking in. I've been gigging with KSG a bit as well as a few other folks. I've also, since school's out,  been enjoying hanging with my kids and seeing other  live acts more.

     My queen, Kolu's birthday (as well as Madonna's) and our 10th (!!!) anniversary are on the 16th of this month.   

     Congratulations go out to our drummer Eliezar Martinez and his fiance Gigi on their upcoming nuptuals August 5th.   

      Lastly,  go to my myspace pages and check them out too.  They are:     www.myspace.com/kevinsharpe   and   myspace.com/kevinsharpegroup


April/May 2007

          Hello all. There's a word I don't use very much: friend. I feel it's overused and often inaccurate. I recently lost someone on March 19th. Her name was Mary Adams Miller. She was a singer who, through illness lost her ability to sing. (In the "Photos" section under "Performance" page one, 2nd photo, she's the woman second from the left.) She lived in North Carolina, I called her friend. I'll miss her.

  I am the winner of the 2007 Urban Music Award for Jazz Male!!!   Thanks to all who went online and voted.

My firstborn Kevin Noel Sharpe II turned 6 years old on April 26th. 

  Kevin Eubanks and Marvin "Smitty" Smith of the "Tonight Show" will be performing a concerto for orchestra and jazz trio with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra on Sat. May 19th. The piece is composed by bassist Avery Sharpe. There will be an additional Friday performance in which I will be playing as well.

We are now hooked up with WORLD VISION. World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. This is a significant alliance as WV is making a difference in lives here in the US and abroad.  www.worldvision.org

March 2007

   I haven't updated in a while so here goes. The "Raisin' Cane" tour went well. (http://www.raisincaneontour.com)  Everyone added their personality and we all played off of each other and the audience. It was different every night particularly since Jasmine (Guy) was prone to go "off book". It was great fun and they've aready booked us for a few months next year!   

We are again nominated for the New England Urban Music Award!    

       This award show is like New England's mini Grammys with live performances, video and all. Please go to http://www.urbanmusicawards.org  and VOTE for The Kevin Sharpe Group under "Gospel / Contemporary" and "Gospel /Worship". Also vote for me under "Jazz /Male" and "Producer / Male". We'd really appreciate it!!         I recently had a birthday which got me thinking on life, seasons, achievement, and family. So, of course there'll be a song about it.     The "God Songs" project release date has been pushed back until I can get break from some of the of other the work I'm doing.     Finally, we did some much needed upgrades to the studio and performance gear. We're nowhere near finished though! 


December 2006

      Holiday season! I'll actually be home for my birthday, Jesus' birthday, my beautiful, intelligent and favorite daughter Victoria Kamilah Sharpe's birthday!  Have a happy holiday everyone and keep the faith.

November 2006

           I've finally got my  Myspace.com/KevinSharpe  and myspace.com/kevinsharpegroup done up even though I've had it all year. KSG is rehearsing for some upcoming gigs as well as working on the "God Songs" project.  We've added new members in KSG too. I've also been busy at the New Creation church where in addition to playing keys and directing  I'm now leading worship for multiple services.

August 2006

       I've been in the studio working on my and other  projects.  We're looking to release our album "God Songs" next March and are working on polishing it up now.  I've also been getting more into photography lately. I may be putting some of those photos up as well as more music clips. Stay tuned!

      SPECIAL UPDATE  April 16th: The Kevin Sharpe Group won the 2006 New England Urban Music Award in the category "Contemporary Gospel"!!!!   The Urban Music Awards is an event to showcase regional artists, performers, producers, and performers by recognizing their talent and artistic excellence. The awards show was held last night at the Berkley Performance Center in Boston, Massachusetts. KSG was also nominated in the "R&B Group" Category and Kevin was a finalist for the "Producer" award.

APRIL  2006

         I'm mostly in the studio this month. I've been working on various projects including music for Wil Naylor's new release, newlywed pianist Jessica Allen, The John Root Jazz Quartet, and others.  
      Personal note: My firstborn and favorite little boy in the whole world, Kevin Noel Sharpe,II will turn five years old on April 26th!


    We've had some updates to the site!  For those who've been here before, things should load faster and run a little smoother. We've redone the "Photos"section and now have galleries. The "Music" section has been reconfigured to work a little easier. We now also have live video footage of KSG (The Kevin Sharpe Group). 

    I recently did some performances of "Raisin' Cane" It's a musical portrait of the Harlem Renaissance featuring the music of composer Avery Sharpe and the narrative by actor Jasmine Guy (A Different World,School Daze, Harlem Nights). Go check it out at  http://www.raisincaneontour.com


      It's good to be back in the USA! The tour went well and I got to see alot while there. I missed my family greatly, but I had a wonderful time. You should be able to view pictures from that tour in the photos section soon. I'm getting back into the swing of things at the churches I play at as well as doing production at the studio.


-The first news I want to share is that KSG will be featured on national television!! The Word Network is airing the Bobby Jones New Artist Showcase on Saturday nights, 11pm. I'm not sure when it airs so keep watching.

-We've just finished working on the Marla BB album. It's a Blues/Rock type project with some twists. My instrumental piece "Vindication" is featured. I produced one cut and was bassist on three others.

-We're in pre-production on the Willie (The Def Psalmist) Naylor Jr. EP.

-We're finishing up some production on a track for 60's soul artist Betty Harris's new project.

- On a personal note, My lovely daughter Victoria Kamilah Sharpe will be one year old on Dec. 28th. (I love that fluffy child!!!)

-Lastly, I'm really looking forward to going on the road with the Harlem Gospel Choir. Though I'll be away for a whole month, I'll be with a great group of people who are alot of fun.



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